Solo founders shouldn’t have to fly solo.

Startups are really freaking hard, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Join an exclusive program to help motivated founders launch and scale as fast as possible, using a combination of 1:1 coaching sessions & proven design thinking tools.

Why Traction Coaching?

You’re a motivated founder. Honestly, you’re probably going to get there anyway — but we can help you get there faster, with less risk, and fewer gray hairs.

Guidance & accountability
Meet weekly (or biweekly) with JDM to make sense of the current state your startup, and sift through the noise to leave with one powerful next step you can take in your journey toward traction.
Focus on what's important
Startups come with an endless barrage of distractions, and it's often difficult to separate the signal from the noise. We'll always ensure you're relentlessly focused on what will have the greatest impact — right now.
Learn as fast as possible
Traction isn't found in your head, so one of our central pillars is to constantly be idenfying your riskiest hypotheses, and running experiments with real customers to find out if you're right.
Resources, tools, & templates
Traction Thinking is more than a philosophy. We've developed and collected a wide array of tools to help you make the fastest forward progress possible — but we'll never recommend busy work.
Never get stuck in your own head
The biggest benefits of mentorship isn't answers or resources — though they are immensely valuable. It's removing obstacles from your path. Honestly? Most of those are self-imposed.
Battle-tested processes.
We've helped more than 100 startups launch or scale their products and, along the way, we've learned a lot about what works — and what doesn't. We'll bring that experience to your unique startup.

I would absolutely tell anyone building a business to go through this... I also believe you could double your price.

Pre-seed startup founder

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About JDM

Meet your guide

JDM (Josh David Miller) is an entrepreneur, speaker, advisor, and content creator. He’s also the founder of The Right Box, which helps venture-backed startups find product-market fit.

Over the last decade, JDM has helped founders and innovators launch or grow 100+ products. They call him “the shredder of business models”, which might be a compliment. JDM fashions himself an instigator on something of a quixotic quest to fix entrepreneurship by challenging how we think about our craft.

Or, as one founder recently put it: “Josh makes it easy to get rejected and built up at the same time.”

Founders mentored
Cohort events facilitated
Products launched
Startup pitches reviewed


Choose the right approach for you, wherever you are

No two founders are the same, so we have three different approaches to provide the support you need.


$750/ month

Regular coaching sessions and offline support, where JDM helps you rapidly iterate until you find traction.

  • Weekly or biweekly coaching sessions
  • Unlimited asyncronous support
  • Tools, templates, & resources
  • Rapid forward progress
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13-week bootcamp

$1,600one time

A structured, 13-week program where you work 1:1 with JDM to find and validate your market hypothesis.

  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Unlimited asyncronous support
  • Battle-tested process for finding traction
  • Tools, templates, & resources
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Ad Hoc Coaching

Need targeted, short-term help? Grab an hour on JDM’s calendar to make rapid progress in one focused session.

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We’ve run programs with thousands of amazing people

“It was really fun to see more people who has dreams like mine.”

“The experience was great! You guys provided all we needed to succeed... well organized!”

“The experience was great! I learned a lot of things but one specific thing is the fact that "Customer knows everything!" We should not make any assumptions on our own.”

“I learned what I needed to launch my business now.”

“It was great!, I learned a lot about startups and how to improve them.”

“The level of commitment by hosts was awesome, everyone put in a lot of effort and that showed. Thank you!”

“I learned my message to my audience has been too broad and how to get even more narrow in focusing my target market. I was able to move our app to market faster.”

“I truly grew in more ways than one and for that I am so grateful. Josh makes it easy to get rejected and built up at the same time. There is no other JDM and he does it all with a smile.”

“Engaging and nurturing!”

“I got more from the event than I hoped most likely.”

“It was greater than I expected. Learned so much. not only about starting a startup and pitching also about teamwork, coaching and judgment.”

“It was a great experience! I learned that one can get done a lot under pressure and competition. I accomplished a lot in 2 days and my startup was miles ahead by the end. It was fun and enlightening being around starting entrepreneurs.”

“It was great. Do it more often.”

“I learned that it is so important to listen to your team and ask your customers if they need your product. The organizers were so kind and open. I felt myself in a place where I can do mistakes and grow. And I would love to come next time.”

“I learned a lot, grew from this experience, and developed a lot of new relationships in the process.”

“Though I missed my family and did not see my little girls for 24 hours, the experience was well worth it and helped me grow on multiple levels.”

“Though I have more work to do yet and I am just getting start, I am not where I was, when I first came into the cohort, and I am better for it.”

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