Launch sooner. Scale faster.

Traction Thinking is a process and philosophy used by successful startups to rapidly go to market and find product-market fit. And we’ve got a suite of tools to help you crush it.

Our philosophy - Product-market fit begins with changing how you think.

Traction Thinking is a way of approaching the process of entrepreneurship that maximises the speed learning.

  • Maintain a model. You can’t know what to do tomorrow if you don’t know if you were successful today. Maintain a model that you can test.
  • Always be testing. Startups are just the cyclical testing of an evolving business model. If you’re not testing anything, you’re standing still.
  • Right-size your bets. The wise founder proportions their effort to the evidence. Never make a bet that the evidence doesn’t warrant.

Ready to dive in?

Looking for traction? We have a growing collection of ways to help you launch your product sooner and scale it faster.

WebinarCustomer Discovery

The Startup Product Playbook

Join like-minded founders for a 90-minute webinar on Jan 17th to learn how to design products that customers just can’t resist!

1:1 coachingCustomer Validation

Traction Coaching

A monthly program where we meet 1:1 regularly to help you make as much rapid forward progress as you can in finding traction for your startup.

CourseCustomer Discovery

Customer Discovery Course

A self-paced, online course to help you design a product that will have customers beating down your door to get it.

Want to run your own cohort program?

We design custom events for VCs, ecosystem builders, universities, and large companies, to help spur innovation and promote entrepreneurship. Get in touch to learn more.