Live WebinarJan 17th @ 5:30pm PST

The Startup Product Playbook

Join an interactive webinar at 5:30pm on Jan 17th where you’ll learn how to design products that customers just can’t resist. We’ll provide the tools, technique, and process necessary to go from early data to a beat-down-your-door product with an experience that wows.

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What’s included

Live instruction

Learn the secret to creating irresistible products from JDM, a serial entrepreneur and strategist who’s helped founders launch and scale more than 100 products.

Interactive Q&A

Get your ideas workshopped and your questions answered during a robust Q&A session where we’ll help you apply what you’ve learned to your startup.

Proven process

Creating compelling products isn’t really hard, but it’s not complicated. We’ll show you the straightforward process used by successful companies to go from customer discovery to scalable product.


You’ll also get templates to help you understand customer needs, design lovable user experiences, and create rapid prototypes that wow customers.

What you’ll learn

The Startup Product Playbook gives you the process, tools, and techniques used by winning startups to create products that align with customer needs and evolve with the changing needs of customers to increase sales and maximise customer retention.

Brought to you by The Right Box and StartupSac, this webinar will walk you through how early-stage startups create lovable products with:

Proven strategies. We’ll show you how to leverage customer insights in the startup product development process, including a framework for evaluating product ideas and iterating based on customer feedback.

Expert guidance. This session is led by JDM (aka Josh David Miller), a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, and expert in rapidly find product-market fit. JDM will leverage his deep background in product strategy and data analytics to show you the most direct path to a lovable product.

Practical insights. From specific case studies to general rules and conceptual frameworks, this webinar will show you how to win customers’ hearts and minds by tightly aligning their needs, wants, and fears with your products’ features, benefits, and experience.

Tools & resources. Because concepts don’t create customers, you’ll get a collection of specific tools and templates you can employ right away, including: experience mapping, product visioning, rapid prototyping, and more. Plus — the process you need to use them together effectively.

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Bonus Resources

User Journey MappingIdeal Customer PersonasSlides and templatesFrameworks and tools

What people are saying

Startup Founder

5 out of 5 stars

This is one of the best mind changing events. The way of trashing ideas/approaches/thoughts is excellent, because it is motivational.


5 out of 5 stars

A sixteen-year conversation turned into day one of doing!

Small Business Owner

5 out of 5 stars

The experience was great! You guys provided all we needed to succeed… well organized!

Startup Founder

5 out of 5 stars

The experience was great! I learned a lot of things but one specific thing is the fact that “Customer knows everything!” We should not make any assumptions on our own.

Startup Founder

5 out of 5 stars

I learned my message to my audience has been too broad and how to get even more narrow in focusing my target market. I was able to move our app to market faster.

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Ready to ignite your startup’s growth?

Join like-minded founders for a 90-minute webinar at 5:30pm on Jan 17th to learn how to design products that customers just can’t resist!